Moon cake – a short film directed by My Bui starring Linh Le

It’s kind of funny how when I was home, I hated cooking and baking and being in the kitchen in general; and now all I want to to when I have some free time is just making some good food. I guess I took Hanoi and all those hundreds of street food stalls and amazing restaurants that you could get to in five minutes. Don’t mistake me here, Easton and the US are great in the fact that there’s so much diversity that you can find, for example, I haven’t really tried Peruvian or Mexican food before, and I think they’re pretty good!


But after my freshman year and an amazing summer with the internship right in the middle of the Old Quarter (which means I got to get the best food in the city every-single-day), I decided that I needed more of these simple happiness in my life. And my best sister aka friend aka partner in kitchen crime started to go on to so many adventures with me, trying out and (making up) new recipes as we go along in our college years. And no matter how we’re busy with exams, we just have-to-eat-good-food. Here’s a super accurate illustration:


That is to say, I am very proud to introduce the newest addition to our list of successful missions: Green bean & Matcha Moon Cakes! Enjoy the video!


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